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Last updated: July 16, 2021.  I deleted a lot of broken links.  If your link got removed you need to send me a new URL.

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Links To Other Container Photo Galleries and/or Information:

Title Description
All About Shipping Containers Container photo galleries sorted by Owner.
BIC Code - Official Registry Bureau International des Containers (BIC) official prefix registry. You can look up prefixes here.  Note: only currently registered prefixes appear here.  Historic prefixes or unregistered prefixes are not included.
BIC ISO Size/Type Codes You can look up ISO size/type codes here. Michael Van Der Meer's container shipping web site. A lot of the text is in Dutch. Contains some good container information and a lot of great ship pictures.
Japanese Container Blog Many photos of Japanese domestic containers, but all text is in Japanese.
Japanese Container Photo Gallery Text is all in Japanese, but click the links to find interesting pictures.
Jimmy Fong's container blog Asian container photo blog.
Jonn's Site of Railway Equipment Nice resource for Canadian container modelers. Excellent listing of container prefixes. Also contains pictures, ISO size/type codes, and a great Shit Happens photo collection.
Containerization Tumblr page Site by Charles Fox showing a collection of container-related images.
The World of ACT Web site dedicated to the defunct Associated Container Transport operation.  Contains old newsletters, brochures, sales literature, and photos from the 1970s-1980s. 

Links To Other Intermodal-Related Web Sites of Interest:

Title Description
C-Rail Intermodal U.K. based container models and decals Card containers in many scales
Deluxe Innovations Container models in N-scale. Italian web site dedicated to intermodal trains of the Genova-Rotterdam corridor. Lots of neat pictures of ports and ships. Weather observations from ships at sea.
Scale Workshop Cardboard cut-out scale containers for the Australian market.
Ship Photo Albums Extensive collection of modern ship photos by Dennis Shum and Tylon Leung. By far the best internet collection of ship pictures.
SMDG User Group For Shipping Lines and Container Terminals Some good information is available here, including a good explanatin of the new and old ISO size/type codes. German big rig web site. Interesting pictures, but the site is entirely in German.

If you have an intermodal-related web site (prototype, modelling, or whatever), please e-mail me the web address and I will add it to this page.

** SPECIAL NOTE** I do not post links to commerical shipping/booking/logistics web sites.

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